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Sirius copywriting specialises in creating sales-driven, search engine optimised copy for your website. As experienced UX copywriters, Richard and Vera can also write a copy for your mobile app screens.

Forming long term business partnerships with businesses across Europe.

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Sirius Copywriters Vera and Richard spent 22 years in the UK. Mainly working in the technology industry, they both have a developer background and extensive experience in sales and marketing.

Working with a variety of businesses from the UK, Europe and the Middle East allowed them to focus on website and SEO copywriting services. In 2020 they both became British citizens and now live in Zlin, Czech Republic, EU.

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Richard Kacerek

Richard Kacerek

Cambridge English qualification CEFR level C1 Proficiency

Vera Nesvadbova

Vera Nesvadbova

Cambridge English qualification CEFR level C2 Proficiency

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Online copy materials

  • Website content creation
  • Online material proofreading
  • SEO focused content
  • Strong keyword research
  • Local and global SEO
  • Captions, CTAs, Notifications
  • Content clarity and search intent
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