English copywriting services in Dubai

Professional English copywriters for Dubai businesses with sales and marketing background with native level English.

High quality digital copywriting
for websites and mobile apps

Sirius copywriting specialises in creating sales driven copy for your website that's optimised for search engines. As experienced UX copywriters, Richard and Vera can write copy for your mobile app screens.

Forming long term business partnerships with businesses across the Middle East.

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Proficient in English

After 22 years of living in the UK, both Vera and Richard became British citizens and achieved Cambridge C2 level proficiency in English.

They both worked extensively in the tech industry and gained valuable experience in sales and marketing during this time.

Whether you need to proofread your website copy, create a new landing page marketing copy or maybe even create engaging UX copy for your application these successful couplepreneurs are here to use their experience to make your company stand out.

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Richard Kacerek

Richard Kacerek

Cambridge English qualification CEFR level C1 Proficiency

Vera Nesvadbova

Vera Nesvadbova

Cambridge English qualification CEFR level C2 Proficiency

AMZ Group

Investment group in Dubai offering investment opportunities in retail, hospitality and other sectors.

“ Sirius copywriting helped us bring our redesigned website to life by writing content for all the pages. They researched all the necessary information by themselves and crafted an original website copy. ”
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English web copywriting

Because AMZ Group wanted to appeal to foreign investors, they needed their website in English. We wrote and proofread English copy for all 16 pages.

SEO web optimisation

Even though search engine optimisation wasn't a top priority for AMZ Group, we always start a copywriting project with keyword research and optimise each website copy for search engines.

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SEO friendly website copy

User focused copy that sells

  • Detailed keyword research
  • Native English copywriting
  • Sales content optimisation
  • CTA buttons and links
  • SMS notifications
  • In-app and push notifications
  • Email notifications
Work with tech-savvy copywriters

Every website needs a unique copy

We like to work on a variety of different projects and challenges. If you have one for us, get in touch. Our background in creating websites and mobile apps combined with our professional English copywriting services can help you outperform your competition.

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