The typical cost of website content copywriting services

Vera Nesvadbova
Vera Nesvadbova
24 November 2022

What is SEO copywriting?

It is a creative process of writing keyword-optimised text for a website, which drives traffic from Google and converts visitors to leads. This content must be easy to understand by visitors and Google, and its main objective is to keep producing traffic to your website.

Why is SEO copywriting important?

Detailed keyword research combined with value-based content marketing can be a powerful combination that creates user-focused content. Content that speaks to your potential customers will help with Google’s search for accuracy - a search intent. SEO copywriting is essential because it allows customers to find solutions to their problems. Your company has the opportunity to become the expert that helps customers.

Your business needs profit to survive. Investing in SEO-optimised content for your website is not just important; it is essential if you want to grow your business in the digital space.

Recent Google’s helpful content update.

Good SEO is not about trying to outsmart Google and dreading the thought of another Google core update. Google announced a new update called “helpful content update”, focusing on rewarding content that actually helps readers.

This should be your opportunity to craft high-quality content (with our help, of course) that is helpful to your customers. Here are some essential tips on how to create better, more relevant and valuable content to help you rank better even with the new update:

  • Pick your audience and their search intent carefully.
  • Describe your first-hand expertise and demonstrate knowledge.
  • Have a clear focus for your website content type (have a content strategy).
  • Imagine what the customer feels after reading your content.
  • Pick your niche and focus on a smaller range of topics.

What you must avoid:

  • do not create content for search engines
  • don’t create content where you add no value
  • absolutely do not use an AI-generated content
  • don’t just pick popular topics and create content to rank higher

We always advocate that businesses have so much to write about. Go beyond the usual services page descriptions or irrelevant content like our ethos, about us and our mission. Those aren’t really valuable to anyone. With the help of Sirius Copywriting experts your content will highlight the value your business creates.

How is the cost calculated?

Most people tend to see the SEO copywriting process as a cost per hour. And it is a fair estimation, but with hourly prices, the writers tend to add unnecessary fluff to get paid more. The fluff should be cut out, not added on.

There are two ways to estimate the cost of copywriting.

  • A) Amateur freelancers will give you hourly or daily rates.
  • B) A professional copywriting company will give you the cost per project deliverables.

Freelancers will accept smaller pieces of work, say an article and get paid per word, while an article would be too small of a job for the larger copywriting company. Sirius Copywriting, for example, can work on larger projects with more deliverables over a longer period of time.

Which one is the best choice for you? It depends on what is more important to you. Is it price above all else, deadline or high-quality, top-performing content? Consider this table to help you choose.

Sales Page Copywriter Copywriting rates (500 words)
Beginner $75 – $100
Proficient $100 – $500
Expert $500 – $1,000+

You might want to pick a more reliable, higher-quality copywriting service from an agency. But the cost will be higher than a freelancer.

Do it-yourself copywriting

You may have already tried to write the text yourself, and that’s why you are looking at different options for getting your website content written. Unless you are a trained writer and have the necessary SEO skills, we would not recommend that any business owners write their own content.

You’ll be tempted to write about your company, achievements, history or product features. Sorry to break it to you, but a customer does not really care about any of that. Customers care about one thing. What can your company do for them. And this is the basis of successful content marketing. First, we need to determine your ideal customer base, what matters to them, and how your company create value. Then we sell that value! Yes, it is not easy, and business owners should refrain from writing about their service or product pages.

Paying a company to write content for you instead of writing the text yourself is a wise investment. Invest your valuable time elsewhere. As a business owner, you should be working on other things than writing the website text or doing keyword research.

Brief vs no brief

Another way to help you determine copywriting costs is whether you have a brief. Don’t worry if you don’t have one.

But here we are considering freelancers vs a company again. Freelancers usually require you to have a brief, clear topic declaration, and some won’t even ask for SEO keyword research and will work without it. In this case, you are really wasting your resources. On the other hand, a copywriting company will offer you a more comprehensive content plan or a complete content marketing strategy. Part of that would be content marketing ideas and different marketing angles for effectively connecting with your audience.

Our clients usually don’t need to provide any brief. We will have a meeting or two to cover the main research ourselves and introduce you to our content marketing ideas.

Turnaround time

Another way your cost can be affected is the timeframe and the volume of work. If you need an article written the next day, most companies won’t work with you because more time is required to produce something meaningful. While you can call upon an idling junior freelancer and get the content written on time, most likely, it will be low quality.

Planning your content production in advance can save you significant costs. When working with a copywriting company, you can agree on long-term collaboration discounts, as we do with our clients. Planning content production for months in advance is just a good practice that guarantees higher-quality content.

Type of content matters

Of course, it matters what kind of content we are creating. A blog article is fundamentally different from an effective landing page. Each piece of content has a structure. A good agency will advise on which content would bring better results. But since we are talking about cost, it also depends on how much time the writer needs to spend researching a topic.


Great content needs to do something. For your business, it is most likely to bring business leads. That means it has to keep bringing relevant traffic from Google over a long period of time. A copywriting company like Sirius Copywriting will perform several different types of research:

  • Customer research - we need to know whom we are writing for. What matters to your customers and how they buy your product or service.
  • Competition research - keep an eye on the competition and learn from their mistakes rather than repeat them.
  • Your company research - of course, this is where your company shines and creates value your customers desperately need.
  • Keyword research - targeting the right keywords is essential. Not the highest traffic volume keywords, but those phrases your customers type into Google.

Only when we have all the pieces can we produce high-quality content that drives leads. Mixed with your unique USP and marketing angle, we have a winning recipe that can double or triple your business revenue.

Topic complexity

I assume we are not producing some technical papers here. But it is still important to consider the overall complexity of a topic you want to cover.

The skilled copywriting agency will have more senior staff, which has more knowledge and will take a shorter time to research a topic and can also cover your topic in more depth. Maybe they have written content about your topic already.

A lone amateur copywriter paid per word will not be able to cover a topic in any meaningful depth. You can expect average or below-average results. Of course, you would only know that once you measure the results, but a copywriting company will probably be able to cover more complex topics far better.

Cost vs value

Cost and value are two very different things. Producing valuable content is more complex than counting words to calculate the cost.

While there are some very talented freelancers out there, you could find a skilled and determined lone copywriter. The majority will be at the junior level. And that’s fine, we all have to start somewhere, and it may be a great fit for your company. Working with a freelancer does not necessarily mean poor results.

But working with a professional copywriter company could deliver better results than expected but with a unique point of view (customer perspective) that you can use.

A senior-level professional copywriter delivers value. The Junior writer will be counting words.

Number of revisions

A somewhat misleading indication of value is the number of revisions. Some companies and individuals give you three, four or more reviews to incorporate your feedback. You might think it’s a good thing, but is it really? If you hire a professional, the work should not be subject to 5+ revisions. If it is, then there is something wrong. Why would you be writing the text yourself and not the person you hired?

A true professional should be able to give you the best version of their product on the first try. Okay, maybe second, but no more than that.

Final thoughts

When your company makes a significant investment, it’s about trust. Whom do you trust? Who is more able to deliver the results you want? Who will be a good match to work with?

A highly skilled professional who can demonstrate their skills by showing you past work and history of projects delivered or the cheapest random individual half across the world promising you unachievable results?

It is up to you to decide. The answer may be somewhere in the middle.

Would you like us to review your website and give you three content tips you can apply today?