Comprehensive copywriting for the web, mobile app, email, pitch deck and app store

There was plenty of copy to write for Sir Stelios' London startup easyParking.
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SEO friendly copy combined with smooth user experience

Building SEO foundations

Our approach is to build a solid SEO foundation for the future, bringing organic traffic without paying thousands for Google ads. Because once you stop paying, the traffic stops too.

Variety of landing pages

It takes months to start seeing organic search results of search engine optimisation and creating landing pages. But the investment will pay for itself in the long term.

UI and UX copywriting

easyParking's web application and mobile app needed a professional touch of UX copywriters for a seamless user experience, turning a complex platform into an easy to use digital product.

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Using our skills and experience to create high quality website copy optimised for SEO performance together with UI and UX copywriting.

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The easyParking copywriting project was one of the most comprehensive ones so far, and we thoroughly enjoyed this challenge.

Guided user experience

easyParking has a mobile app for both platforms, iOS and Android. First, we had to understand the app's mechanics and then went screen by screen and created UX copy to provide a smooth user experience. There were plenty of notifications to write for each user related action, from creating an account with easyParking, receiving a booking to extending a booking.

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Comprehensive web and UI copy

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Copywriting for easyParking consisted of SEO optimised website copy for the front end, including landing pages aimed at different areas in the UK and also targeting staycation parking or finding a parking space near a vaccination centre. Copywriting the UI for the back end, including all the error messages as well as the website interface.
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Impressive positions in search results

Just like with The Computer Genie, we used landing pages to our advantage.

1st out of 279,000,000 results
for get paid to store a vehicle

3rd out of 12,900,000 results
for caravan parking space for rent

7th out of 16,000,000 results
for rent a parking space Cambridge

A copywriting service tailored to client's needs

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What Richard and Vera did

From the first draft to a final copy.

  • Keyword research
  • Structure and layout
  • Web copywriting
  • Meta titles and description
  • UI and UX copywriting
  • SEO optimisation National SEO
  • Mobile app copywriting
  • Landing page copywriting
  • Proofreading and perfecting
  • Pitch deck and app store copy

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High quality content together with a strong SEO foundation is the key to your online success.

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