A complete copywriting service for a web and mobile app

This copywriting project included writing the UI and UX copy for the web user interface and the mobile app, including email and text notifications. We also created the pitch deck presentation and app store listing.

My Hippo Space website

Unique copy that improves web and mobile app usability

SEO web copywriting

The key to online success is a website that ranks on the first pages of Google and brings in plenty of organic traffic. After researching the peer to peer storage market and the right keywords, we wrote search engine optimised copy for the website.

UI copywriting

User interface copy of your web application can significantly improve usability because users can quickly understand how to use your website. My Hippo Space had plenty of interactive copy, from tooltips, error messages all the way to notifications.

Mobile app copywriting

Although My Hippo Space is a complex project, we thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of writing the microcopy for the iOS and Android mobile apps. Downloading the app and using it to fully experience it from the user's perspective helped us create the UX copy.

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Using our tech skills and copywriting experience to create meaningful website copy optimised for search engine performance together with unique UI and UX copywriting.

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My Hippo Space completely relied on our expertise in SEO and providing professional copywriting services.

Guiding users through UX micro copy

Just like easyParking, My Hippo Space is a project with a lot of complex features. We dived into understanding how My Hippo Space works and started using the mobile app to look at things from the user's perspective. We worked with the app designs to create the copy for user onboarding and all in-app screens including tooltips and CTA buttons.

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Combining marketing knowledge with unique copywriting

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Successful UX copy is simple, direct and helpful. My Hippo Space relied on our experience in the tech industry to create an engaging language that guides the user through complexity in the easiest possible way. Options available to the app user had to be the same across all platforms: Android, iOS and website interface.

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Fully tailored professional copywriting service

Writing excellent UX copy for the mobile and website was just the beginning. The project also needed an App Store description copy that sells the idea, a convincing pitch deck that gets investors on board, and meaningful notifications for the users.

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What Richard and Vera did

From the first draft to a final copy.

  • Keyword research
  • Structure and layout
  • Web copywriting
  • Meta titles and description
  • UI and UX copywriting
  • SEO optimisation National SEO
  • Mobile app copywriting
  • Proofreading and perfecting
  • Pitch deck design and copy
  • App store screenshots and copy

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