Writing SEO friendly website copy and UX copy for app

Vienna's based electric scooter hire startup needed high quality copy written for their website and mobile app.

Scoobe website

Benefit driven copy with SEO in mind

Creating website copy from a four page pdf document brief is nothing ordinary in our copywriting work. Since we work with high net worth entrepreneurs and companies that rely on our expertise and bring ideas to their projects, we were ready for any challenge.


Scoob-e product brief gave us a great starting point to start researching keywords and coming up with ideas on the layout and information that should be included on each web page.

SEO web copy

As with all our copywriting projects, we wrote search engine optimised website copy targeting users in Vienna wanting to hire an electric scooter for a longer period rather than hourly time slots.

UX app copywriting

To book Scoob-e, users need to use a mobile app that requires a UX copywriter's touch to create a short copy to explain how to book and then drive Scoob-e safely and the process of returning it.

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Combining our research to showcase the most valuable information to potential customers.

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Since Scoob-e is based in Vienna, Austria, we concentrated heavily on local SEO optimisation.

Simplifying user experience

We worked with the app designers to create easy to understand UX copy for all the screens and push notifications.

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A website with a targeted approach

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The website consists of three simple landing pages, each focusing on different topics. Scoob-e website needed to inform customers about all the mobile app features, while another page aimed to show businesses why they should use their premises to rent out Scoob-e.

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What Richard and Vera did

From the first draft to a final copy.

  • Keyword research
  • Structure and layout
  • Web copywriting
  • Meta titles and description
  • SEO optimisation Local SEO
  • Mobile app copywriting
  • Landing page copywriting
  • Proofreading and perfecting

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