Dominating local search results

A website optimised for local SEO combines high quality web copywriting, search engine friendly copy and landing pages aimed at areas and customers' problems and solutions.
Yorkshire Cleaning Devils

Detailed SEO strategy

Since Computer Genie offer their services within a certain radius, our approach was to create copy for the website aimed at local SEO.

High volume keywords

First, we spent some time researching high volume keywords and deciding which keywords to target. Then, we decided on the page structure and information layout to get customers to contact Genie.

SEO web copywriting

Keyword research gave us an idea of what pages we should create and write a copy to maximise search engine optimisation. We also used internal linking between landing pages to improve SEO performance

Sirius copywriters look at things from your customer perspective.

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SEO copywriting with guaranteed results

The quickest way to have your business ranking higher than your competition is by combining benefit driven web copywriting, SEO and landing pages.
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Impressive Google local ranking results

Hard work pays off and seeing The Computer Genie dominate Google search results is rewarding.

2nd out of 356,000,000 results
for MacBook repair near me

1st out of 513,000,000 results
for laptop repair near me

2nd out of 905,000,000 results
for pc repair near me

What Richard and Vera did

From the first draft to a final copy.

  • Keyword research
  • Structure and layout
  • Web copywriting
  • Meta titles and description
  • SEO optimisation Local SEO
  • Internal linking
  • Landing page copywriting
  • Proofreading and perfecting

Succeed online

High quality content together with a strong SEO foundation is the key to your online success.

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