Making your English copy more powerful

with our professional English proofreading and editing services

human proofreading services

Enhancing the clarity of your content

Benefit driven sales and marketing copy

Your website content needs to resonate with the right audience. Show how your service solves their pain. Sales driven copy is our speciality.

Perfect English copy without mistakes

Mistakes can seriously undermine your brand reputation or customer trust. That's why all our text materials are proofread twice by default.

Improve your website's conversion

Does your website copy inform, or does it help you sell more? Our copywriting will also focus on improving your sales and marketing efforts.

Transparent pricing

Only a convenient fixed fee per day, simple.

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300 per day

Hire a human proofreader with 15+ years of marketing and sales experience.

Human proofreading

A human proofreader will check every single word. Your text will be error-free, clear and easy to read.

Editing your copy

When you need help to refocus your text to reflect changes in your company.

Business text

Writing business copy comes naturally to us. Successful couplepreneurs ourselves, we speak business.

Native speaker quality

We don't just rely on being British; we have the highest Cambridge English certification to back up our skills.

English proofreading for every style

Different occasions call for different uses of style, tone and structure.

For business

Your business text does not need to be boring, dry, or about your company. Look at AMZ or Zawawi Group.

For personal

When you need to blend in a little of your own personality. To convince, inspire or entertain your readers.

For websites

Online text needs very different formatting entirely. Short sentences, punctual facts and a lot of headings.

Your professional copywriters

Your two personal proofreaders are Richard and Vera

Both are Cambridge highest English level certified with 15+ years in marketing and sales, ready to supercharge your text. Proofreading services are charged at a daily rate, and soft editing is included.

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Richard Kacerek

Richard Kacerek

Cambridge English qualification CEFR level C1 Proficiency

Vera Nesvadbova

Vera Nesvadbova

Cambridge English qualification CEFR level C2 Proficiency

English proofreading service

Thorough proofreading to improve the quality of your content


We go beyond basic grammar and spellcheck. We also check for correct context, depending on where is your text used.


Automatic spelling is nice, but having your text checked by a human word by word is so much better. After all, your reputation is on the line.

Style and tone

How would you like your brand to be understood by your customers? Do you want it to be trustworthy or happy and joyful?

Sentence structure

Our hard work of practising writing pays dividends directly to you. The difference between a good writer and a great one is in detail.

Intent clarity

First, we need to find out your customers needs and then write about your solution to their problems.


Headlines, text sections, white space, or the right call to action buttons and links are all part of formatting.

Professional proofreaders using English in their daily lives

Work with us

Whatever your goal - we will get you there.

“ We needed one of our websites' content proofread by English copywriters. Richard and Vera were very fast to communicate with and delivered on time. They have another happy customer in us. ”