Creating landing pages that turn heads

Are you launching a new product, mobile app, lead generation campaign or event? Professionally structured and optimised copy for your landing page can be the difference you need between making a sale or not.

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Landing page copywriting that attracts buyers

Corporate landing pages are great at promoting your products or services as part of your digital marketing strategy. But only if you know how to structure and optimise them.

Structuring your landing pages

Are you making the mistake of having too much text on your landing page? Users will not read large blocks of text; trust us. We have proven experience in creating corporate landing pages and a portfolio to show

SEO optimising your landing pages

You have your landing page designed and content written, but it's not performing on Google; now what? Hire an experienced SEO copywriter to research keywords and optimise your landing page copy.

Benefit driven content for your landing pages

You have a problem to solve! If you don't know what problem your product or service is solving, you won't have much luck selling it. We learned the hard way because we used to make the same mistake of selling features instead of benefits.

Designed to sell landing pages

We follow Donald Miller's marketing strategy, forget thinking about which newspaper your users read or what education level they have. Copywriting is all about your audience, your offer and showing why they should care.

Experienced landing page copywriters

Delivering a landing page that's quickly put together in WordPress or other website builder platforms without consideration for its structure, readability for users, and SEO performance is not part of our strategy.

Proficient in coding

When clients Work with us to code their landing page as well as write a copy, we hand code the landing page in HTML.

Github collaboration

Do you have your website's repository in Github? We are proficient in using Github and can write the copy for your landing page there.

Sales and marketing experience

Over the years in building websites, we learned what works and what doesn't. Sales and marketing can be simple if you know how.

Landing page structure

Structuring the content on your landing page takes experience. Combine it with our landing page copywriting, and you have a winner.

Internal proofreading

As professional copywriters, we proofread each copy we write so we can deliver your project without any spelling or grammar mistakes.

UX design on demand

Did you know we can also design your landing page? We can utilise your brand style guide to create a unified portfolio of landing pages.

Stop wasting your marketing budget on sending traffic to a homepage. Let's create a sales driven copy for your landing page.

Showing customers what AMZ Group offers

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Creating a corporate landing page for an investment group in Dubai

AMZ Group wanted to create a page showing all their investment group's companies and what services these companies offer to customers across Dubai.

  • Landing page structure and layout
  • Landing page UX design
  • Writing a copy for the landing page
  • SEO optimisation
  • Hand coding the page in HTML

Change the way you create landing pages!

Launching Do a Wilson mobile app

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Monaco's mobile app launch landing page

Do a Wilson wanted to create a unique landing page showcasing all the features of their newly launched mobile application.

  • Landing page structure and layout
  • Landing page UX design
  • Landing page copywriting
  • Search engine optimised copy
  • Hand coding the page in HTML

Work with us

Whatever your goal - we will get you there.

“ Very happy with the copywriting but most of all with the ability to have our landing pages designed and built too. It's a game changer because we don't have to deal with several companies. From now on, it's Sirius copywriting all the way. ”