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Your marketing campaign can become a great success with a carefully crafted microsite to support your marketing landing page or your main brand website.

Our microsite copywriting service will start with customer research, crafting the central marketing angle and construction of microsite designed to sell.

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Creative ideas to improve your marketing campaign

Immersive content

From selecting beautiful but relevant images to valuable tips and frequently asked questions. Your content needs to draw visitors in and show their improved life with your product or service.

Focusing on your customers

Detailed customer research is essential for a successful marketing campaign. Let's create content that is all about your customers and your solution to make their life better.

Designed to convert

Of course, the ultimate objective is to sell. But your microsite needs to be structured well to address curiosity at first. Enlighten second and then seek customer commitment.

Transparent pricing

Microsite package for your brand

The starter microsite package includes everything you need to start marketing your product or service. Crafted carefully using your customer research and your products.


Example microsite with up to 5x unique pages

  • Keyword research
  • English copywriting
  • SEO optimisation
  • Customer research
  • Template design
  • HTML coding
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Helping you come up with ideas that sell your product

Focused marketing

A good microsite is ultra-focused on a single product or service. Offering in-depth content copywriting that matters to your customers and helps them make a purchasing decision.

Customer research

Understanding your customer in detail is essential for the success of your new micro site. Our manual and detailed research will produce materials that make a real difference to your marketing campaign.

Sensory elements

Headings, lead text, videos or pictures all need to trigger senses. That's very hard to do, and our neural marketing experience will come in very handy to create a unified and integrated experience.

Call to action

To sell, you need a cash register. Strategically placed throughout each page and every section because the customer might decide to buy at different stages throughout your website.

Tips and questions

Your text also needs to be helpful to the point of answering questions the customer has not even asked yet or offering a tip on a new idea that makes their life better or more fulfilled.

Video to convert

There is no doubt; videos are compelling if done correctly. You can create a series of short videos to showcase the most asked questions about your product. This content will keep delivering new traffic.

Understanding your customers

We discovered a new possible service to build gaming computers from detailed customer research for Computer Genie. So we created a microsite Custom PC Genie to ultra-focus on this type of customer.

“Micro website Custom PC Genie has been a tremendous success from the very beginning. And the traffic just keeps growing.”
Custom PC Genie home page screenshot

Customer stories

How do we showcase amazing new computers built by Custom PC Genie? By documenting each build, taking amazing pictures and, of course, great videos. Each customer story is unique and very popular among the customers and on the Google Search Results page - 10,000 views in just three months.

Area pages

Internally linked with customer stories, area pages offer a very focused piece of content. Custom PC Genie covers a particular geographical area, and these pages work so well on Google that customers come even from surrounding areas, thus expanding the business even further.