22 years in Britain

It takes time to craft compelling web copy that makes a real difference to your business.

From coming to the UK as young and ambitious Czech immigrants to leaving the UK as successful British couplepreneurs

It was a long journey to British Citizenship and mastering the English language to the highest level.

Hard work and passion pays off, and after such a long time, we can combine our skills of building websites, copywriting for mobile apps, marketing and sales, and the English language. Along the way, we became successful couple entrepreneurs. Skilled in building businesses from nothing, writing an SEO friendly copy for your website or UX centred mobile app copywriting, copywriting user interfaces for web applications, improving sales through digital marketing, and ultimately selling the business.

We can't wait to work on your exciting project.

European and British

Working together as a team

Fast communication

It comes naturally to us to answer emails quickly and be available even outside of business hours to discuss your copywriting project.

Knowledge of building websites

We've spent 10 years managing projects for building websites and mobile applications from start to finish for clients worldwide.

Entrepreneur spirit

We continually study and learn business, marketing, sales and have extensive knowledge of building online businesses.

Hard work ethic

Living in British society, we had to integrate and learn quickly. Studying the English language in detail allowed us to gain the highest level certification.

English and Czech language

We are both bi-lingual and fluent in written and spoken English and Czech languages. Having lived in both countries, we understand both cultures and the differences between them.

Long term collaboration

We are in it for the long run, and that's why we like to build long lasting, productive relationships with our clients around the world.

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Whatever your goal - we will get you there.

“ At first, we were not sure if there were any mobile app UX copywriters, but luckily we found Richard and Vera. They took the time to understand our business and goals. They are straightforward to work with. We can't wait for the next project. ”